Here is a quick reminder about all the things we are implementing for this season:

  • All swimmers must have a
  • Old customers – Your NOWCA wristband is for life!  If you still have one, log in to ACTiO using your email and password and renew your membership by paying the annual fee and your band will automatically reactivate
  • New Customers – New to NOWCA? For the price of one cup of coffee a month, you can join the NOWCA network, unlock lots of Perks, and access lots of different swimming venues up and down the country, including us! During the signup process, click “Cliff Lakes” as the band pick-up location, then pay your annual membership fee and you are good to go. Please note that bands can ONLY be collected during swim sessions.
  • You don’t need to book onto swim sessions anymore; turn up during one of our swim sessions, tap and go! We are only swimming on Saturday mornings from 08:30 – 10:30. From Wednesday 24th May we will start our evening swims from 17:30 – 19:30.
  • Reception will open at 08:00 this weekend to allow you to collect your bands and load them up with swim credits. 1 Swim Credit – £7.00 | 10 Swim Credits – £60.00
  • The water will open at 08:30, the last entry is at 10:00 and all swimmers must be clear of the water by 10:30.
  • We have the 250m, 500m, & 650m courses open this weekend.
  • Participants must wear a tow float if they choose not to wear a wetsuit.
  • A brightly coloured hat must be worn at all times.
  • Tow Floats can’t be hired but can be purchased for £15 to NOWCA members.
  • We encourage first-time beginners to take part in an introduction course before swimming in our Open Water Swimming sessions. Get in touch with the lovely team from The Outdoor Swimming Company for more information.
  • Throughout all of our swim sessions, The BluWater Parlour will be open serving a range of cakes, hot & cold drinks, and ice cream!

We anticipate this weekend being busy with lots of customers picking up their NOWCA bands. Please bear with us, our staff will be processing swimmers as fast as they can! We look forward to what this season holds!