Welcome to 2024, where anticipation meets action at the UK’s biggest Aqua Park! Our dedicated team is on overdrive and committed to making this year an unparalleled adventure. With Christmas festivities behind us, get ready for a tidal wave of excitement as we unveil thrilling additions and experiences that will redefine your Aqua Park escapades.

The Jump Zone

Embrace the thrill of 2024 with our latest expansion! Think we couldn’t get any bigger? Think again! The much-anticipated return of The Action Tower is here, bringing back a family favourite loaded with climbing, jumping, crawling, hanging, and sliding activities. As an added splash of excitement, the Thor makes a triumphant comeback featuring three jumping platforms and two integrated high-velocity chute slides.

But that’s not all – we’re introducing The Wibit Mountain to Aqualand! Soar to new heights as you conquer this towering 13-foot-high inflatable mountain, boasting eight different slides from various heights in every imaginable way.

We’re thrilled to unveil these fantastic additions to Aqualand, confident that our returning guests will relish every moment. With these dynamic features, we have six distinct zones to explore during your 80-minute session, elevating your overall experience. Dive into excitement, adventure, and unforgettable moments at Cliff Lakes Aqualand in 2024!


We’re thrilled to announce that our booking system will soon open its floodgates! Our team are busy crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s to ensure an unforgettable experience for our valued guests. Stay tuned, as we aim to launch the booking system in the coming weeks, offering you the first splash at securing your Aqualand adventure.

Group Bookings

Attention group leaders, teachers, and adventure enthusiasts! As we invest and develop new areas on-site, we’re gearing up to offer an even more spectacular experience than ever before. Now that the New Year is in full swing, it’s prime time for leaders to plan their trips and summer activities.

Look no further; we’re your ultimate destination for the next extraordinary day out! Based in the Midlands, just outside Birmingham, we’re easily accessible and boast a range of activities all in one place.

What Your Team Can Take Away:

  • Develop Leadership Skills: Our activities are designed to foster leadership qualities, helping your team members step into their leadership potential.
  • Breaks Through Communication Barriers: Engage in activities that encourage effective communication, breaking down barriers and promoting collaboration.
  • Builds Trust Between Each Other: Trust is the foundation of any successful team. Our experiences are crafted to strengthen the bonds and trust among team members.
  • Builds Greater Confidence: Conquer challenges, overcome obstacles, and watch as your team’s confidence soars to new heights.
  • Builds Stronger Relationships: Forge lasting connections as your team shares thrilling experiences, creating memories that will bind them together.