Do you want to swim through winter for the first time? It is a requirement that you sign up to an introductory course with The Outdoor Swimming Company if it is your first time. The 45-minute introduction to winter swimming course allows you to be correctly educated to ensure your safety in the water.

What does the course cover?

  • Safety briefing
  • Preparation for the swim
  • What will my swim feel like?
  • How to enter cold water safely and acclimatise
  • Signs it is time to get out
  • What is after drop?
  • What is a bad recovery?
  • How to warm up properly afterwards
  • Rewarm
  • Debrief and hot drinks

You will need to bring with you a swimming costume/shorts, a bright hat, goggles if you would like to try to put your face in the water, ear plugs (if you wear them), tow float (preferable), shoes to wear to and from the water, lots of layers for afterwards (if you think you have enough, you haven’t: put in another!), warm footwear and socks for afterwards, woolly hat, big outer layer, and a changing robe (if you have one, don’t worry if you haven’t).

Please try not to indulge in an alcoholic beverage the night before the course.

The course price includes a swimming hat. 

Cost: £30 per person

Please note this is a third-party course and is not run by Cliff Lakes. Please see The Outdoor Swimming Company website for more information.