We’d like to thank all of our corporate and school clients for their custom. Unfortunately, we are now fully booked for this season. We look forward to taking your booking next year!


From 10 – 250 participants, we have a range of activities to suit your next day out

Non-Stop Enjoyment

Here at Cliff Lakes, we are all about making our activities both enjoyable and inclusive. Our activities are unique and engaging for all ages.


  • Aqua Park
    • 6 years and above
    • 1.1 meters
    • Must be able to swim 25 meters
  • SUP
    • 6 years and above
    • 1.1 meters
    • Must be able to swim 25 meters
  • Aqua Chimp
    • 8 years and above
    • 1.2 meters
    • Must be able to swim 25 meters

We offer a range of different packages to cater for all ages and group sizes larger than 10 during our off peak times. Take a look at the options below and get in touch with our team today.

What Could Your Day Look Like?

Here at Cliff Lakes, we have a range of different and fun activities to create a memorable day. Take a look at our options below and find the right package for you.


Welcome! – Whoop whoop, the big day has arrived! First, our team will greet you and point you into our spectator’s area, where you will assemble from your coaches, minibuses, or cars. Once everyone has arrived, we will introduce our team, explain what will happen, and let them know about areas on site that will aid your visit.

For large groups we will split your group into teams to take part on different activites.


The time has come to get your kit for the day. Here at Cliff Lakes wetsuits and bouyancy aids are provided for all of our team buidling activities.


Let the fun begin! It is time for round 1 of activites.

Group 1 – Aqua Park | Group 2 – SUP | Group 3 – Aqua Chimp 


Transition time! It is time for round 2 of activites.

Group 1 – Aqua Chimp | Group 2 – Aqua Park | Group 3 – SUP 


Time to hit pause on the excitement for a bite to eat.

We welcome groups to bring their own lunch or let our catering team sort lunch which means you don’t have to worry. We can also open the Blu-Water Parlour, where participants can purchase soft drinks, hot drinks, and ice creams with prior notice.


And the fun continues! It is time for round 3 of activites.

Group 1 – SUP | Group 2 – Aqua Chimp | Group 3 – Aqua Park


Time has come to an end and activites conclude for the day. 


We say our goodbyes as it is time to hit the road after a funfulled day.

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